Arjuneswarar Temple Kadathur Tirupur - History, Timings, Festivals & Address!

Arjuneswarar Temple Kadathur Tirupur

Arjuneswarar Temple Kadathur Tirupur

Arjuneswarar Koil is situated on the banks of Amaravathi River in Kadathur. This has the tallest Swayambu Lingam in the Kongu Region. Swayambu Lingams manifest on its own i.e. not made by man. They appear suddenly or mysteriously without any human efforts.

The main deity, Moolavar in this temple is Arjuneswarar. The alternate names for the Moolavar are Marudheesar, Marudhudaiyar & Marundheesar. The consort of the main deity is worshiped in the name of Gomathi Amman.

The temple was built during the Chola reign. The temple is being maintained by donations and grants from many people, who are native to this region. This temple is administered by the HR&CE of Tamil Nadu. The maintenance of the temple is done by the Arjuneswarar Trust.

Though legends place the earliest temple here around the 10th century, it is Vikrama Chola who is mentioned as the king who discovered the lingam, which dates it to around the 12th century.

Arjuneswarar Temple Kadathur Tirupur Legends

Story behind the root impressions on Lingam

Cows seem to have a close relationship with this village, for the discovery of the lingam of Arjuneswarar, is also linked to them. At one time, Kara Thozhuvur was famed for its cows, and the cattle were taken to the palace everyday so that fresh milk could be provided for the royal family. It was noticed that all the cows but one gave ample milk, and on closer observation, the cowherd realized that one cow discharged its milk every day at the foot of an Arjuna tree (called Marudha maram in Tamil).

The king ordered the roots of the tree to be dug up, and when the axe struck the root, blood started oozing out. The king immediately staunched the flow with his golden ring, and then carefully cleared the area, which brought to light an ancient lingam underneath. The lingam still bears the marks of the roots of the Arjuna tree under which it was buried, which is probably the actual reason for the name of the Lord here. Incidentally, the lingam is huge, easily over 5 feet in height, including the avudaiyar or base, and is said to be the tallest lingam in the Coimbatore area.

Story behind the naming of this Linga:

During the Mahabharata time Pandavas had lived in the areas around Dharapuram a nearby town. The Lord here is a form of Shiva, and he gets his name from Arjuna of the Mahabharata, who is believed to have worshipped him here. It is also believed that the Pandavas spent some time in this area during their exile, and the village also gets its name from an incident which occurred during that period.

It is said that Dhuryodhana once seized cows with the idea of inciting the Pandavas, and kept them hidden on the other bank of the river. The place came to be known as ‘Kara (river bank) thozhuvu (stable) or Kara thozhuvur and over the years, the name evolved to Kadathur. It is a belief that during that period, Arjuna had worshipped this Linga. This is one of the reasons why the deity has been named Arjuneswarar.

King got cured of Diabetes

In Tamil, the Lord is called Marudha Vaneswarar, since he was found under a Marudha maram. Since the roots of the tree have medicinal properties, worshiping the lord here is believed to cure one of many ailments. It is especially believed that a king was cured of diabetes, by praying to the Lord, so today, with diabetes growing more and more common, the temple is attracting a growing attention, offering a cure to the disease by worshipping the Lord.

Temple Speciality

Lord Shiva is Swayambumurthy big in size placed on a broad Avudaiyar. The rays of Sun falling on the waters of River Amaravathi and reflecting on the Lord in the temple are a rare Shiva darshan for the devotees throughout the year. This happens even during the Utharayana and Dakshinayana seasons (transition period of six months from south to north and from north to south) also without fail. The construction of the temple is such that this happens during the whole year.

Arjuneswarar Temple Kadathur Tirupur History

Amaravathy River flows around the temple. In the morning sun's rays fall on the river and get reflected on to the Lingam. Two times in a year Sun's rays directly fall on the Lingam. This speaks volumes of the temple architecture of Tamilnadu. The Gomathi Amman temple is on the right side of the Lord which is a special feature. Just like in Kashi, there is a cremation ground right in front of the Deity's sanctum.

The Gomathi Amman Sannithi is to the right of Moolavar. There is a large mound near the entrance to the Amman Sannithi. Earlier, there was a wall between the Sivan and Ambal Sannithi. It is also to be noted that the temple for Mother is in a separate building partitioned by a compound wall; hence both are separate temples with separate mandapas, entrance, and kitchens-Madapalli.

A Shivalinga is on the left side of Mother temple around the Arali plants. It is still growing upward. Showing harmony between the Saivites and the vaishnavites, there is a shrine with due respect to Lord Vishnu. The reputation is that the temple for Mother is on the right of Lord as in Madurai Meenakshi temple.

The temple has a marble statue of Sri Dakshinamurthy, which was brought from Kashi. The temple has a separate Sannithi for Lord Saneeswara. Lord Valampuri Vinayaka shrine is in the Kannimoola corner. The shrine for Lord Subramania is in the northwest called Vayumoola.

Lord Chandikeswara is nearby with a shrine also in the northeast corner – Eesanya. Nandhi is in a Mandapam with a Vimana before Lord’s shrine. On the south of sanctum sanctorum graces marble made Lord Dakshinamurthy, Lord Vishnu on the west in a standing posture. 36 feet tall Rajagopuram stands majestically at the east entrance of Lord Shiva shrine.

The Swayambu Linga in this temple is biggest in size among those in temples of Coimbatore district. It has a spacious sanctum sanctorum and Vimana. There are 11 Shiva temples on the banks of Amaravathi, but Kadathur alone has a Swayambu Linga. The restoration work has also brought to light various inscriptions on the temple walls.

Arjuneswarar Temple Kadathur Tirupur Opening Time

The temple is open from 8.00 a.m. to 12.00 .m. and from 4.00 p.m. and 6.00 p.m. On Pradosha days the temple is open till 7.30 p.m.

Arjuneswarar Temple Kadathur Tirupur Festivals

Maha Shivrathri in February-March is the principal festival of the temple. Monthly Pradoshams and other Shiva related festivals also are celebrated.

Arjuneswarar Temple Kadathur Tirupur Prayers

Because the Linga had been under a Marudha tree for a long time, the water used for bathing the lingam is supposed to contain healing properties. During the Kongu Chola Vikrama Cholan III's (1302 A.D) rule Vikrama Cholan Thirubhuvana Singhan had diabetes. He worshipped Arjuneswarar and donated lands to the temple. He got cured and hence there is a belief that praying to Arjuneswarar cures one of diabetes.

In this Temple by worshiping Lord Shiva and visiting temple on Sunday 4.30 to 6 will clear the obstacles in Marriage. In the Temple History once there lived a King and his daughter marriage was met drastic struggle. By visiting this Temple those barriers in marriage were removed and her marriage happened.

All powerful and merciful Lord Shiva grants all the boon the devotee seeks from Him. Devotees perform abishek and archanas to Lord and Mother.

How to Reach Arjuneswarar Temple Kadathur Tirupur?

Kadathur is 18 km from Udumalpet. Buses from Udumalpet to Kaniyur pass through this place. Nearest Railway Station is located at Udumalaipet & Nearest Airport is located at Coimbatore.

Arjuneswarar Temple Kadathur Tirupur Address

Sri Gomathi Amman-Arjuneswarar Temple,
Kadathur, Tirupur,
Phone: +91-93448 31598.

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