Vallam Madhava Perumal Temple Thanjavur - History, Timings, Festivals & Address

Vallam Madhava Perumal Temple Thanjavur

Vallam Madhava Perumal Temple, is located on the Thanjavur – Trichy National Highway; about 10kms from Thanjavur is the historical almost 900 year old Madhava Perumal and Yoga Narasimha temple in Vallam. It was built during 12th Century AD by Vikrama Chozhan.


Vallaba Chozhan, who ruled this region, founded this village. Hence this place came to be called Vallaba Puri. Over time, this became Vallam.

Vallam Madhava Perumal Temple Thanjavur Legends

Indra is said to have come here, bathed at the Vajra Theertham and was liberated from the curse of Gowthama Rishi, who was undertaking penance here. Hence, the lord here is also called ‘Devendran’.

Vallam Madhava Perumal Temple Thanjavur History

Vikrama Chozhan who ruled Thanjavur between 1118 and 1136 built the Madhava Perumal koil. The temple was then called Vikrama Vinnagaram, a reference to this can be found in the inscriptions inside the Gowri Amman and Siva temple (a historical temple that is also said to have been built around the same time as the Madhava Perumal temple) about 2 kms from here. Pandyas, Hoysalas, Nayaks and Maratha kings contributed significantly to the upkeep and renovation of this temple.

The temple was ignored for a major part of the last century and remained closed for 48years. With bushes surrounding this entire area, the temple had almost gone into ruins and seemed to become a part of ‘history’ until it was revived a decade ago. After renovation, the temple was reopened in 1996 and has since regained a lot of its lost beauty. The temple is seeing an increasing number of devotees, of late. 

The Temple

Both Madhava Perumal and Yoga Narasimha are ‘Swayambu’ idols. Abhishekam takes place only four times a year during Vishnupathi Punyakalam (2am) on the first day of the Tamil Calendar months of Vaikasi, Aavani, Karthigai and Maasi. Madhava Perumal can be seen in a sitting posture with a folded left leg and the right leg on the ground.

The temple currently does not have Utsava deities, which are said to be under the protection of the Palace in Thanjavur. The temple authorities are hoping to have it installed inside the temple in the coming months. Lord Narasimha is believed to have killed Vallasuran and then given darshan to the devotees here. 

There are Sannidhis for Raama, Azhvaars and Thaayar. A slim Anjaneya looks handsome in a smallish idol. Andal, for whom a separate Sannidhi was rebuilt, also looks beautiful.

The temple is currently without a Gopuram. The one that existed previously is believed to have been knocked under the Sultan Invasion.

Deity: Madhava Perumal (Devarajan) East Facing Sitting Posture
Yoga Narasimha: South Facing
Goddess: Komalavalli 

Vallam Madhava Perumal Temple Thanjavur Opening Time

Temple is open from 6am – 10am in the morning and 53.0pm – 8pm in the evening.


Aadi Pooram Andal Kalyanam and Puratasi Kalyana Utsavam are the festivals celebrated with much fanfare.

How to Reach Vallam Madhava Perumal Temple Thanjavur?

There are Buses available to reach this place every 5 minutes between Thanjavur and Trichy. The temple is a 5 minute walk from the Vallam Bus Stand. Nearest Railway Station is located at Thanjavur & Nearest Airport is located at Trichy.

Vallam Madhava Perumal Temple Thanjavur Address

Madhava Perumal Temple
Vallam, Thanjavur District
Mobile: 99437 32491
Phone: 04362 266553.

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